The Bewildered You!

via Daily Prompt: Bewildered

Most of us stand bewildered when it comes to our own life but at the same time, the society always knows what you should be doing. Yes, that’s the reason there was a time, parents wanted their children to score even 99% or you won’t get admission in a good college and thus, you would be denied of societal acknowledgements and so called respect. The mere thought of what the society would say, has killed trillions of dreams until today. Someone who wished to be a singer, is an engineer today. Someone who wanted to be a painter, a standup comedian, an actor, model, or rather photographer who loves to click pictures of everything around him or even has a special deep interest for animal photography in his heart, is struggling with Physics or Biology.

The reason we are so bewildered at the present, once we finish what the society wanted from us and we are expected to finish, is that now finally, we know the power is in our hands. The society will always have its’ dimensions, but to live our dreams is also always in our hands. Luckily, the mindset is slowly transforming, and there are ‘n’ number of platforms for the present generations to prove their worth. Social media like YouTube, musically, Smule, insatgram, facebook etc, have even widen the areas and scopes of familiarising with the hidden talents around us as well as within us. There are various courses being offered to develop skills that were never heard of. The kids, who followed the dreams of their parents and society till now, pondering that was their dream too without letting any second thoughts bothering them until graduation, remain confused about their future, have no idea about “what next?” and cannot decide if they want to do any further studies or should they just take a break, figure out their real dream and get to work for it with all the enthusiasm they had as a child.

What do you think, Has that bewildered person turned adult or is still a kid?

And that’s my prompt for today. Do leave a comment if are reading it and agree with any of my opinion.


One thought on “The Bewildered You!”

  1. Yeah!! Internet have opened doors for us to learn the various things. It’s the ocean out there to increase our knowledge.
    But still,some people like me are bewildered.
    💫finding real passion😇


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