BLack is the teacher of life

via Daily Prompt: Black

The first thing that would come to a man’s mind hearing “black” would be something dark, something negative.

Many people would relate is” kaala jadoo” (black magic)! witches and demons favorite!

But, Black according to me has a different meaning. It’s not just  any color. Black, infact is a combination of many colours. Black is the ultimate teacher of lifeBlack is a source of inspiration.

It’s always dark inside the tunnel, but there’s always light at the end of the tunnel.

One shouldn’t be scared of the darkness now, but look forward to the light that’s on it’s way!

Don’t worry about the struggles you face, don’t feel low with the failures. Learn something new, and be better each day.

It maybe black now as it’s the night…but there will be morning again, there will be sunrise again. Black teaches us to be patient!

Black teaches us to keep hope, Black teaches us to work harder.

Blackboards are black afterall, you need to write and learn on it…if there was no blackboard ever, then friends, do you think we could ever scribble and learn without wasting papers as students? ( Nowadays, students can learn directly from computers or ipads, projectors..but the basic learning is always defined best on the blackboard )

Blackboards are the best teachers…and after reading my post..i hope even you will say the same- BLACK is the best teacher of life!

Black has always been my favourite, has it turned yours too now?



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