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Hey folks!

I had been thinking for a long time now to pen down a lot of my thoughts here. Being a blogger, having the power to blog…I find it very cool to do something in wider platform which may seem to be just a page. I believe through blogging, I can share my thoughts and experiences with the whole world! My share of thoughts and experiences, might be useful to some in someway or it could just turn out to be an interesting story to be unfolded. Just a first step to turning into a blogger – created a blog page!

My future blogs could be anything- mainly on places I travel, sometimes intense thoughts on surrounding and life or just some fascinating incident/story. Basically, the thoughts that might come over while sipping a coffee, getting you all refreshed and thoughtful at times.

See you all soon!



Lockdown regret

This Lockdown has given us an opportunity to catch-up with all our long lost well wishers, but make sure in this phase of catching up with old memories and people you had left behind, You must not fall in category where you start leaving your current wellwisher behind!

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Stop picking holes in Lockdown

Hey..how are you doing this morning !?

Are you also amongst the ones complaining about lockdown!?

But, what are you trying to complain about?

Not being able to go to office? Not being able to bunk classes and go for an outing or movie? Not being able to meet and play with your friends? Not being able to go to the park?


Having so much time for yourself that you always thought you were not getting?

Being able to spend time with family?

Being able to relive your old times watching Ramayana, Mahabharata and Shaktiman on TV?

Having enough time to work on your laggings that you always wish to recover?

Instead of kicking up a fuss on every condition, why can’t we just adopt ourselves and work towards the best.

There are so many options and activities for us to do from home, at home. Let’s not just keep picking holes in this Lockdown but acquire some new skill and master in it.

Folks, do let me know in comments how you are spending your lockdown days..

Until next post, toodles!

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Being Human Again

Wishing you have a great day,
Socially distant at home!
Don’t cry doing house chores today,
As God has listened to you, if you were the one wishing not going for work and staying at home everyday !
Now is the time you got to work on your future,
Now is the time to Let Live Mother Nature!
Don’t let the day go in waste,
Talk with your loved ones whom you earlier said, “Not now, may be later” and let the day go in haste!
Now is the time to catch up with all,
That was lost in the tech-world as You turned into Bot !
Pause the Fast-paced run and start being Human again!

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Janta Curfew – did you get it Right!?

Last Sunday, 22nd of March 2020, India had observed “Janta Curfew ” wherein the citizens of India including NRIs or Foreigners residing in India currently will volunteeringly establish the curfew!

Two things that caught eyes of everyone were:

  1. It was volunteeringly by the People, For the People!
  2. 5minutes @5 PM Act, i.e. clapping/ringing bells 🔔 or using spoon and utensils as bells for 5minutes @5PM during Janta curfew!

Yes, you read it right. 👏 clap for 5 minutes in honour and as display of respect for all those professionals who are readily risking their lives to help and save others! (like medical professionals, transport drivers, delivery boys, cleaners, sweepers, etc.)

The thought of saluting these professionals was superb and the spirits shown by Indians was equally tremendous!

But, something very important went wrong at many centers. Few people forgot the main concept behind “Janta Curfew”. The severity, seriousness of the cause and the urgency for the “Janta Curfew ” went overseen with the drums, and celebrations that had inadvertently begun by few immature citizens in continuation to that 5minutes!

It was a beautiful sight to see the unity of so many Indians and following the requestful order of PM, Narendra Modi – staying inside and showing gratitude to other professionals for 5minutes.

But, to that once in a lifetime heartful sight, videos that circulated right after of people wandering in groups on roads and celebrating were like needles pricking in the bubble of that beautiful sight!

“Dude first get your concepts clear! “

The whole concept of curfew at this situation is a Need to save yourself and your fellow countrymen! It had a fun element attached to it, but “Janta curfew ” itself was not just for Fun! It was no joke, but a very deep psychological dose. It was meant for You to understand the depth of seriousness of COVID-19 and the only keypoint to break the chain is “Isolation “! It was a Class To get you accustomed to staying inside and still find a way to have a fruitful day.

Hope you, who is reading this, was already aware of above concepts and if not then you have got your concept Right by Now! “

If you found this article helpful and informative, then go ahead and help others too by sharing it!

Let me know below in comments your views on the concept too.

Until next time, Toodles! “

Daulatabad Fort

“In Veeraniyon me bhi apna sa lage.. ek din ka safar bhi arsa sa lage…dhoop ki garmi zyada lage toh in imaraton ki chav me aaraam sa lage! ”

“Hey guys.. This post is just to share little information from my recent trip and generate your interest to explore more enthusiastically “

Daulatabad Fort, also known as Devgiri is situated on Aurangabad-Ellora road on a conical hill shaped like a tortoise back.

Along with the fortifications, Daulatabad contains several notable monuments, of which the chief are the :
1. Chand Minar
2. Chini Mahal (on top)

Unlike many other Forts, this one has only 1 gate serving the purpose for entrance as well as Exit.

Another unsaid specialty is the “Temple of Bharat Maata” beside the Chand Minar.

*Both the pictures are taken from the Bhaarat Maata Temple on the Fort*

Hope you are all excited to go and explore the Fort by yourself!

If you are, do let me know your experience through comments.

Toodles, until next post!

♥ Heart ♥

The Most silly yet the Most Beautiful and Important Part of Us!

You Love, You cry because of this Heart!

You Live, You die because of this Heart !

You care, you share because of this Heart!

You make friends,You follow trends because of this Heart!

Why is it that You smile, when your heart is light?

Why is it that Your eyes are not dry when your heart feels heavy?

Is it because the Heart is relaxing on finding you Happy?

Is it because the Heart is too worried wondering how to get your Precious smile back, on finding you Sad?

Remember, the Heart has so much Love for You, that it is ready to share that love with the ones you care!

Don’t let the Love go wasted! The Heart is ready to turn into pile of stones On Learning that people Pray to only Rocks (“Log patthar ko Bhagwan maan Puja karte hai“).

Jalta toh dil bhi hai, khoon toh bahata Woh bhi hai, Dil ki nazro se dekho ae banjare Insaan, pyar leke baitha hai par, talash usey bhi tumhare pyar ki hai…

Introduce Me as who I am

What’s the use of Your position, when you can’t use it to introduce Yourself !

Many a times, people look down at you however best you be, or give you the power but not the permission to use it!

Yesterday I was watching “Joker” and This dialogue from the Movie touched Me the most!

Do you also relate to this!!?

Question of the Heart : ” Can you Let me Be who I am supposed to be? Introduce Me as who I am, not the one You want me to Fake

  • @pic taken from Scoopwhoop

Destiny Unraveled

Ray, Tia and Sharon stood anxiously that night looking for help. When a Man, tall and handsome,came in front with Paparazis following. He went upto them and asked if they were looking for someone. The three girls were drooping in fear and kept numb. The man soon got occupied answering the paparazi followers. In between all that chaos, the three of them noticed the “Bolero” beside them and realized that the same Bolero was owned by the infamous Politician they were hiding from. Without wasting a second after understanding that the Man (who appeared to be the Hero) had connections with the Villain of the Story, the three girls hid and flew from everyone’s eyes.

It was almost past midnight when Ray, Tia and Sharon had now entered a lane of Old city that seemed quite suspicious for the girls who were unaware of the area. It had started pouring ☔ When They encountered a Man, fit and broad dressed up as a Priest. The discussion between them remains a secret, but without any shelter, the three Turned and walked briskly.They reached a Four-way Lane (Chaar-rasta) and parted into separate lanes. Sharon chose the straight path, while Ray and Tia went to independently into the other two paths.

It had started raining more heavily, Sharon was walking under a lane which was sheltered from above. But the rain water had started entering the road to result in waterlog.Sharon finally assuming that she had gotten near a haven, climbed up the wall And stood in her Haven that appeared like a balcony Window of Ancient times in Palaces. But the view that she saw from there horrified her even more. She stood in a corner stuck to the wall,fists closed, watching the high greenish waves 🌊 as a result of heavy rains on the roads ahead. In Between the thunderstorm Was stuck Ray, Sharon and Tia apart.

By morning, the weather had turned Naturally calm. Ray, Sharon and Tia ran back to the point where they had parted. The same point (chaar-rasta seemed to be different now from then. Arti was going on in a Pandal and a huge crowd of youngsters were present. The three girls had also joined the ritual(arti), still trying to keep safe from someone (that remain unraveled).

Ray noticed the Priest they had encountered, now dressed up in formals with bow and tie. She hid behind the other Young volunteers and tried to observe him. It appeared to be the last day. He stood outside a mini Van waiting for the volunteers to Get in. Everyone around was appreciating and thanking him. (Reason unknown to Ray) He looked at Ray and gave a smile of a kind that ‘I have seen You already'(No need to hide). The whole bunch of Volunteers and The crowd disappeared soon, leaving the girls alone to Unravel their destiny by own.

Now that You have read the story, let me know in the comments if you Liked it. Do you see any message hidden? If yes.. Then do let me know too!

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