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Hey folks!

I had been thinking for a long time now to pen down a lot of my thoughts here. Being a blogger, having the power to blog…I find it very cool to do something in wider platform which may seem to be just a page. I believe through blogging, I can share my thoughts and experiences with the whole world! My share of thoughts and experiences, might be useful to some in someway or it could just turn out to be an interesting story to be unfolded. Just a first step to turning into a blogger – created a blog page!

My future blogs could be anything- mainly on places I travel, sometimes intense thoughts on surrounding and life or just some fascinating incident/story. Basically, the thoughts that might come over while sipping a coffee, getting you all refreshed and thoughtful at times.

See you all soon!



Destiny Unraveled

Ray, Tia and Sharon stood anxiously that night looking for help. When a Man, tall and handsome,came in front with Paparazis following. He went upto them and asked if they were looking for someone. The three girls were drooping in fear and kept numb. The man soon got occupied answering the paparazi followers. In between all that chaos, the three of them noticed the “Bolero” beside them and realized that the same Bolero was owned by the infamous Politician they were hiding from. Without wasting a second after understanding that the Man (who appeared to be the Hero) had connections with the Villain of the Story, the three girls hid and flew from everyone’s eyes.

It was almost past midnight when Ray, Tia and Sharon had now entered a lane of Old city that seemed quite suspicious for the girls who were unaware of the area. It had started pouring β˜” When They encountered a Man, fit and broad dressed up as a Priest. The discussion between them remains a secret, but without any shelter, the three Turned and walked briskly.They reached a Four-way Lane (Chaar-rasta) and parted into separate lanes. Sharon chose the straight path, while Ray and Tia went to independently into the other two paths.

It had started raining more heavily, Sharon was walking under a lane which was sheltered from above. But the rain water had started entering the road to result in waterlog.Sharon finally assuming that she had gotten near a haven, climbed up the wall And stood in her Haven that appeared like a balcony Window of Ancient times in Palaces. But the view that she saw from there horrified her even more. She stood in a corner stuck to the wall,fists closed, watching the high greenish waves 🌊 as a result of heavy rains on the roads ahead. In Between the thunderstorm Was stuck Ray, Sharon and Tia apart.

By morning, the weather had turned Naturally calm. Ray, Sharon and Tia ran back to the point where they had parted. The same point (chaar-rasta seemed to be different now from then. Arti was going on in a Pandal and a huge crowd of youngsters were present. The three girls had also joined the ritual(arti), still trying to keep safe from someone (that remain unraveled).

Ray noticed the Priest they had encountered, now dressed up in formals with bow and tie. She hid behind the other Young volunteers and tried to observe him. It appeared to be the last day. He stood outside a mini Van waiting for the volunteers to Get in. Everyone around was appreciating and thanking him. (Reason unknown to Ray) He looked at Ray and gave a smile of a kind that ‘I have seen You already'(No need to hide). The whole bunch of Volunteers and The crowd disappeared soon, leaving the girls alone to Unravel their destiny by own.

Now that You have read the story, let me know in the comments if you Liked it. Do you see any message hidden? If yes.. Then do let me know too!

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*Why* : Socha hai kabhi?

Why is that You are missing your past.. Why is that You keep checking your old pics.. Why is that,now all You do is Post Status of Missing those days.. Why is that Your Past still fresh in Your Present… Kya Socha hai kabhi?

Is there nothing that happening in your Present..Is there no moment being cherished today that You wanna recall as Memory..Is there Nothing that makes You happy like those old days, that You keep reviewing and sharing Your past memories on Status /stories…Kya Socha hai kabhi?

Socha nahi toh socho Abhi.. Kuch Kia nahi toh kar dikhao Abhi.. Kab tak yuhi kal ki yaadon me jiyoge.. Baahar aao un haseen yaadon se..Aj ko Haseen bnao kal se bhi taaki Kal (in Future) aapka Kal (Past) khud kahe Aj(Present) se ki “Yaar, Mujh toh Tu lage hai mujhse se bhi haseen! “


Story of Three Girls surviving Free from Big Ben’s Den

Big Ben, a tall lady with 2 kids, fond of boasting about her husband’s business and their stay in London for a decade, runs a PG in Ahmedabad. ( But, mind you she doesn’t like you call it a PG!)

The PG is mere business for the couple. (But, mind you even think of it being that way!)

Mishti had been in the PG for 1 year without any complaints. Kuhu and Jahnvi working in the same company as of Mishti, were freshly trapped inadvertently through Mishti’s reference. The so-called happy family had been treating them all fine, until Big Ben was informed that Kuhu has given an interview for some other city and is most likely to leave her PG.

Past 15 days from the news, Big Ben’s husband called Mishti and Kuhu and blasted his bomb πŸ’£ of the Month.(Demanded 4000/- INR from them to pay their electricity bill! And Yes, Mind You, electricity bill being included in the PG may bring terms and conditions along)

Kuhu was soon given a Notice by Big Ben to vacate the PG by the end of that month (yes, ofcorse, they took the 4000/- INR before giving any hint of that) . Mishti and Jahnvi didn’t really appreciate that Ungenerous Behavior of Big Ben.

Mishti and Jahnvi like everyday, on way back from office thought of doing something unusual . So, they began Room-hunting just for fun. When Kuhu heard the plan, she also joined in as she was already on Notice Period then. Mishti received a call from Big Ben to come down for dinner. (Mishti informed they three were together and would reach in 20minutes). That night, the atmosphere in PG while having dinner didn’t feel to be right, and right after the dinner, Big Ben’s husband called Jahnvi and Mishti to use his First Weapon on them for that Month. He said, let’s do a PG Contract of Minimum 3 Months confirming your stay, and requested them to share a copy of their Adhaar Card by next day, so that he can issue a Legal Agreement from the Court. Or else, You may leave the house. (1month notice period applies in any PG in Ahmedabad and same was told before taking deposit by Big Ben)

Mishti and Jahnvi were still in confusion, because Mishti knew if she agrees for such contract, Big Ben and her husband would get more power to add to their own Terms and Conditions leaving the girls helpless but to Give-in to their irrelevant demands planned. Next day Mishti and Jahnvi were still wondering on the consequences of same when they received a message from him and they finally decided to say, “No” for the Agreement.

Mishti,Jahnvi and Kuhu decided that they would Rent out a Flatβ›Ί and move out together Post 1 month Notice Period. Next day, it was Friday πŸŒƒ The three girls were really tired 😴 after a hectic day at work and gone down for dinner to Big Ben. (Saturday’s are not off-days) After which, it was time for Big Ben’s husband to drop his Final bomb πŸ’£

He asked Mishti and Jahnvi to Vacate the PG within 24hours!!!! (Oh No No..wth is 1 Month Notice, they believe in 1day Notice when it’s from their end.After all, You need PG, and that’s not PG and the Owners got all Rights to throw you out for their own benefit, Nobody can question them! Mind You.. not even the Society Chairperson!

Mishti was shaken much more than she was ever shaken in any Earthquake that she had experienced till date. Saturday being a working day, they could not have found any place to shift in such short notice. They want to numerous brokers looking for flats, but nothing suitable could be located at such oddly hours after Office within 2-3 hours of Hunt. They pleaded for atleast 1 Day’s time if not even a Week, and Big Ben agreed to let them stay till 10.30 AM the Next Day!

Mishti and Jahnvi tried getting some help from the Chairman of the society, to let them stay for 1 month (as that’s what Big Ben had committed while taking the deposit money πŸ’°) But the chairperson’s condition, I have already discussed above.

Both of them with no energy left after all this, dozed off and woke up with the Hard bang on the door by Big Ben and her husband. It was 10.30 AM..!!!

Hearing the bang, Mishti woke up and rushed into the washroom in fright. Jahnvi was caught by them 😈 Big Ben started brain-washing Jahnvi with her sweet talks and to get success in breaking bonds between us, added spices against Mishti’s Parents’ coming and using their Sweetness!? The very minute when Mishti overheard those lines, she lost her temper and all Respect that they she had developed for Big Ben in past 1 year!

She packed her bags and walked away forever. (Her 1000/-INR from Deposit still as Deposit to deduct for the electricity of 15days! )

While Jahnvi ditched Mishti and handed over her Adhar card to Big Ben! (#Mishti wishes her great congratulations on the Agreement! )

PS: As per the clause in Agreement they can any moment throw You out, And thus, Jahnvi was thrown out later within 2months with 2days Notice Period because she denied to pay 2000/- INR extra for cleaning and 2000/- INR extra for Electricity.

Kuhu had completed her 1 Month Notice Period and moved out of Big Ben’s Den happily. (Her 1000/-INR from deposit also with Big Ben for electricity bill settlement)

(This is how that BigBen still tried to cheat and engulf Money..!!! But Bro.. Humare chechre pe kuch likha hai kya!? πŸ‘½πŸ‘ΊπŸ‘ΉπŸ‘Ώ)

The Three Girls lived Happily ever afterπŸ˜…πŸ€“πŸ€‘πŸ˜‡πŸˆ

So.. Now that you ‘ve read the story..What’s running on Your Mind!?

Don’t forget to write that in the comments and let me know if you found it Worth your Read! πŸ™‹

Manipal-Welcomes Freshers

There is a famous 100% True quote that You will often hear..”You can get out of Manipal but Manipal can never get out of You!

Reason? Very simple bro.. Don’t stress yourself with this question.. Coz the answer is quite obvious if you have ever met any Manipalite.

Manipal is the place where students from all over the World live together away from home but rarely missing home because they now have a “Manipal Family “

Manipal Breaks the stereotype that Medicos have No Fun but Only Books. Manipal teaches you how to practically follow the Proverb that we were taught in schools in its own way, or shall I say, “All Work and No Play will make Manipalite a Dull Human ” Yes, they Party Hard! (as infamously known for) They undoubtedly Study and Work Harder!

The balance is difficult but not impossible, and Manipalites have the potential to prove that in all ways.

As a New Batch is about to enter Manipal Life, I welcome them to a World where Dreams and Opportunities are all waiting to be Yours! (Provided you stretch your hands wide like Shahrukh Khan and keep believing in yourself)

I Dare You..

If You can Dare to dream it,

I Dare You to thrive and work for it.

If You can dare to thrive and work for it,

I Dare You to accomplish it.

If you can dare to accomplish it,

I Dare You to Live with it.

If You can dare to Live with it,

I Dare You to be Grateful for it.

If You can be Grateful for it,

I Dare You to be Happy with it.

If You can be Happy with it,

I Dare You to make others Happy with it.

If You can make others Happy with it,

I Dare You to Pass these (Dares) on to Someone You Care!

Have you accepted my dare?

Whom Are You gonna pass them on to?

Let me know in the comments and stay tuned for my Next for your pass-time with coffee!

Know the Top-Notch Trending Business in Ahmedabad

This Morning…you wake up, take your Mug of Coffee 🍡 and Read my Post πŸ“° …Your today’s Breaking News!

If you are not from Ahmedabad and completely unaware of this Trending Business of the Hub… Then you are reading the right page!

The Great Humans of Gujarat, call it “Running a PG“.

The amazing greetings you receive soon after you land in this city and start looking for a stay for yourself (for bachelors). ⚠ Warning ⚠ All societies and flats are Not for You unless you are a boy(coz you are a female bachelor) (No No they are not judging you, you obviously have no idea what’s living with family, what’s Indian Culture, You have never even heard of the words like like Manners or Respect).Here begins the ultimate scope for this business to grow in multiples and the graph will never go down as Ahmedabad is apparently a hub for Freshers as well as experienced irrespective of their stream. Ahmedabad has it all, even the advantage of being called one of the safest city for girls in India.Now, as girls are left with no other option.. Undoubtedly they opt for the easily available, ie PG.

You can see all ranges of PGs available, with all facilities as per your requirement and your convenience. (from 3500/- to No upper Range). Although, as per my opinion, the most comfortable stays lie in the bar between INR 7500 -12,000( Single to 3 sharing).Some of the facilities that they boast of include,

  • Free Unlimited wifi
  • Free Unlimited Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Free Laundry
  • No Electricity Bill
  • Free Cleaning
  • Free cupboard, fridge and other basic amenities
  • Attached bathroom
  • Attached balcony
  • Great Ventilation, amazing view
  • Nearest to all shops
  • Nearest to BRTS (most preferred)
  • Near to SG Highway (most commonly taken)

And many more….

PS: If you are the one looking for a stay and not for business, then Don’t blindly trust any of them. The ratio of reality to their commitments is at par.

Tips for Singles : Get your family! (Parents, not saying to marryπŸ˜…) Get a flat and stay out of all the drama and nuisance that can follow you after you’ve payed the deposit amount!

If you are really in search of a good PG, then get proper reviews from the people in and around the PG. Your safety and savings lie totally in your hands. I have seen people experience both extremes, from the most amazing stay to the worst.On that note, One of the memes that I saw on FB, would like to share with you…If you are worried about your income, and looking for some serious work opportunity, this is your Lucky Coin! Buy a house, provide amenities and give it out for Rent or even one room is enough to start your very own PG business β›Ί 😎#PG #reality #truth #RealVsFake #Trending #Business #best #worst #bachelors #Gujarat #Ahmedabad #lifeofbachelors